Why ProActiv Privileges?

We can provide an affordable and highly effective loyalty scheme for local independent businesses, which can be easily accessed via PC, tablet or mobile phone. Programmes can be tailored to your individual business needs so you can target your customer’s specific requirements and meet them more efficiently.

Privileges are an extremely effective marketing tool which enables local businesses make the most of their loyal customer base by creating win-win opportunities. For those small businesses competing with the more prominent brands with large budgets, it creates balance and a vehicle for a fairer, more level playing field.

In recent times, many businesses have realised the advantages of keeping a database of their customers. Having a database allows you to keep track of all your customers, recognise trends, observe audience behaviour, and monitor essential information to identify different purchasing patterns of your customers. A customer database is vital for business owners to effectively help build relationships with their valued clients. With Proactiv Privileges, you can completely personalise each customer experience. Input as much or as little information you require and use the information for smarter marketing purposes. Send out personalised offers for your customers’ birthdays, or on products that they often purchase to show you truly comprehend your customer. Keep track of your customers’ reward schemes, gift cards and bookings all on one convenient platform. A customer database also plays an important role in developing effective marketing techniques. You can make contact with all your customers efficiently by email, SMS (text) or direct mail.

If you run your business on an appointment/booking basis, you’ll understand how important it is to have an efficient and reliable diary system to manage your arrangements. With Proactiv Privileges, you can keep track of all your bookings in one simple system. Simply add bookings on to the online diary system with as much or as little information you require. If enabled, an automated text or email reminder will be sent straight to your client - no more costly missed appointments. All previous bookings will be saved on your customers’ profile so you can easily look back at their booking history. This can be applied to personally tailor their experience with you.

Did you know that the chances of selling to new customers are 5-20% compared to 60-70% with existing customers? The statistics overwhelmingly prove that customer retention is incredibly lucrative for any sized business, and with many companies now investing their time and money in loyalty programs, can you afford to miss the excellent earning potential of the clientele you already occupy?

The theory of customer loyalty is quite simple; a business that retains its customers for longer usually makes more money from them at a lower cost than one that is constantly paying to acquire new customers. The basic principles are simple too: know your customers, and only reward them for behaving in the way you have influenced them to. Loyalty program operators often report that once a customer starts redeeming rewards, enthusiasm and engagement both increase.

With Proactiv Privileges, you can implement a range of customisable reward schemes to perfectly suit your business and its client base.

Offering discounts on purchases is a way to quickly draw people into your business. Every time you tell a customer that they can save money, you’re likely to get their attention. Discounts don’t only help your shoppers, but they also aid your business growth from increased sales to improved reputation.

With Proactiv Privileges, there are a variety of discount types available for you to take advantage of. Offer your customers discounts as a reward for spending time with you or visiting you. Attract new customers by offering a percentage discount on their first visit. Encourage repeat visits by offering a free gift with every (let's say) 5th visit. Increase the average spend by giving a discount on every £50 spent.

Gift cards are the perfect choice for any business. Stand out from the crowd by offering a professional gift card to your customers, giving them the perfect solution to their gift-giving dilemmas. Click here to find out more about our 100% plastic gift cards.

There are many business benefits to offering gift cards.

Gift cards represent cost-effective advertising that helps keep your business relevant to your market. They also make the perfect birthday or Christmas gift, which will, in turn, introduce new customers to your business. Gift card programs can improve cash flow, especially when compared with other marketing techniques. Traditional marketing strategies with strong demonstrated return on investment take time to generate sales. Selling gift cards allows you to generate revenue in advance of providing products or services.

With Proactiv Privileges, you can integrate gift cards into your software system in a streamlined and effective way.

From Boots to Tesco, Costa to Nandos, the majority of big brands are using them. Points and rewards schemes are becoming increasingly popular and Proactiv Privileges makes it possible for small and medium-sized companies to compete with more prominent brands on a fairer, more level playing field. A comprehensive and personalised loyalty program will make your customers feel like they have an emotional connection with your brand, building a lifelong customer-business relationship. With Proactiv Privileges, you can comprehensively introduce customisable points and rewards schemes to your customers and acknowledge them for being loyal while encouraging them to keep returning. Award points per visit or assign a number of points to a value spent and set certain rewards for certain amounts of points earned. For example, a restaurant could give a free bottle of wine for every 5th visit, or a salon could give a free manicure when clients spend over £100. The options are endless, and with the fully customisable features, you can ensure that your rewards schemes are the perfect fit for your business and your customers.

Points schemes can help increase the average spend by introducing an essential expenditure to claim points. They can encourage repeat business by awarding a reward for a certain amount of visits. They can also be used to encourage happy customers to spread the word to family, friends and work colleagues, increasing the amount of business generated through word of mouth. You can keep track of all the points that are assigned to each customer, how much was spent, how much profit generated and how many new customers attracted.

Promote less popular items and boost quiet periods by offering rewards on specific products/services and days. The business benefits for Proactiv Privileges mean that your loyalty program will payback from the very beginning.

Advertising for independent businesses is more often than not a waste of time and money. Rarely does a company recoup what they have spent. All business owners would agree upon ‘Word of Mouth’ as the best way of attracting new customers. Particularly, it being absolutely FREE. Research has shown typically less than 10% of people act on a positive recommendation; simply because they either forget the conversation or they don’t have the contact details to hand when requiring the recommended product or service.

Businesses that have introduced plastic cards to their company have found that because the cards given out are kept, their contact details are being passed on more frequently. Some business owners who have grasped the ‘numbers concept’ have taken this a step further, giving each happy customer 3 or 4 cards for them to pass on when spreading the word. If an incentive is added for 1st time use for a new customer. The combination of a positive recommendation + being handed a very professional plastic card (great 1st impressions) + having the contact details and adding an incentive dramatically increase the number of people acting on word of mouth. As much as an 800% increase.

You can then reward your customers for every individual they introduce to your business rather than giving money to advertisers. For example, offer a 10% discount when someone refers a friend, or a free gift for each customer referred. Simply assign several cards to one customer, and when those cards are registered to someone they have referred; they get a reward. This encourages your customers to keep promoting your business.


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