Why ProActiv Privileges?

The directors at ProActiv Privileges have over 20 years’ experience in the loyalty industry.

This wealth of experience has allowed us to fine-tune the most successful and effective programmes we have seen over the years and design our software to match and personalise your business needs.

We can provide an affordable and highly effective loyalty scheme for local independent businesses, which can be easily accessed via PC, tablet or mobile phone. Programmes can be tailored to your individual business needs so you can target your customer’s specific requirements and meet them more efficiently.

Privileges are an extremely effective marketing tool which enables local businesses make the most of their loyal customer base by creating win-win opportunities.  For those small businesses competing with the more prominent brands with large budgets, it creates balance and a vehicle for a fairer, more level playing field.

Simple and User Friendly
Works on any PC / web platform
Best Price Guarantee
No Contract