About Us

At ProActiv, our aim has always been to enable independent businesses to utilise what the Nationals are using to interact with their customers, but at a fraction of the cost. An authentic loyalty/reward scheme, which through plastic cards/fobs and the internet, connects you with your best customers and arms you with a powerful tool; thus increasing profits and/or build on the relationships you already have.

Our well-established plastic cards and keyfobs are the vehicle, as with the multi-nationals such as Tesco, Boots, Costa Coffee etc.  They are typically kept in purses and wallets with credit and debit cards so when your satisfied customer is having those invaluable conversations with friends, family, work colleagues – or anyone in fact – they have a card, or even a couple of spares, to pass immediately on, creating the best possible opportunities for additional sales and revenue – at no cost whatsoever to you. This is simply smart marketing.

ProActiv Cards have been established since March 2009 and in that time we have built up a client base of over 5000 business from all sectors. We understand that over time, people have become much more price conscious, particularly with the likes of Vista Print offering cheap business cards as their promotional hook to attract people to their website; but is it really all about price?

Why is anyone in business? The primary reason or at least one of the major reasons is of course to make money.  But is being in business really about how much money you make? The simple answer is no; it’s clearly about how much profit you make. Would you prefer to pay very little for something and get a small return or invest a nominal amount and get a large return and over many years?

Our advice to business owners is to view plastic cards as an investment and to focus on the profit the investment will bring.  At ProActiv, we offer a ‘Best Price Guarantee‘ as standard on all our product – so you don’t have to worry about value for money.

Once a business owner has experienced the financial rewards that come with introducing plastic cards or keyfobs, they tend to not go back to a throw-away item. ProAvtiv’s reorder statistics are over 90%!